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Caricature Shop Event Terms

The following are conditions for a caricature event booking. They are to ensure that both parties agree to mutual terms, leading to a successful event.

Overtime: Written approval from CLIENT has to be obtained stating extended hours. Any additional time is compensated at at the prorated contract rate based on actual overtime minutes worked.

Payment in the form of check payable to: “Rob Maystead” immediately upon completion at event. This figure should include mileage, if part of original terms.

It is the Artist’s responsibility to pay taxes and declare income on money earned.      

1. Only a written amendment signed by both Artist and CLIENT may modify this contract.

2. This contract is not valid until the Artist and CLIENT has signed it.

3. The CLIENT will supply 4 chairs, table and appropriate lighting source or outlet. The Artist is responsible for providing all other materials and equipment for the event.

4. Should event guests offer, tips will be accepted.

5. For events beyond 2 hours, reasonable breaks will be needed, including meals.

6. Artist agrees to arrive at the LOCATION approximately (15) fifteen minutes prior to the event, to check in and set up any equipment.

7. Artist understands that NO SALES of any kind will take place on the grounds of the LOCATION unless previously approved by CLIENT.

8. The CLIENT is not responsible for personal injury to Artist, or loss of or damage to property.

9. The CLIENT has the right to use Artist's name and photographs to help publicize the event.

10. RAIN POLICY: Artist who is on site will be paid in full if the event is cancelled or cut short due to inclement weather.

11. If the event is held outside, the CLIENT must provide adequate protection from the elements (heat/humidity, rain, etc.).

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