Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?back to top

My name is Rob Maystead and have been involved in pleasing folks like yourself with caricatures and cartoons since 1985. My editorial cartoons have been featured in two newspapers and I've been commissioned for many on site gigs since that time. You can find out more by visiting About Us.


Where are you located?back to top

I work from Lexington, Kentucky. But depending on the service you require it may not matter. Outside of party caricatures, through the magic of the internet and the choices in overnight delivery services the world has become a very small space.


How can I contact you?back to top

[email protected]

(859) 509-5671

U.S. Mail
2137 Allegheny Way
Lexington, KY 40513

What is your process of conducting business?back to top

Once the type of service is decided (personal caricature or on-site booking) and the order page is completed the action begins.
A quote is prepared based on details provided for the piece or event. When the quote is accepted a 50% deposit is required to place your job in production queue.

On-Site/Party Caricature: A phone call or email will be made to the designated contact to verify all information submitted (dates, times, location, etc.). An event contract will be drafted and signed by both parties. I will arrive to the site with all materials within 15 minutes of the scheduled start. Payment upon completion.

Personal/Gift Caricature: A phone call or email is made to verify all information that is to be included in the piece (favorite hobbies, location, etc.). Working from photographs is the norm so you can send pics through the snail mail address listed above or via email attachment. Once this information is set then a sketch is drafted. The draft is then scanned and emailed for approval. Once the ok is given then the work is transferred onto better stock and inked. The final is then sent to YOU along with all supplied materials (photos, etc.)...another satisfied customer!
Remember- digital caricatures, a very popular product, are available as well!

The basic process for a gift caricature:

  1. Original contact made with customer providing caricature scene detail.
  2. A quote is generated.
  3. 50% deposit of project total required upon quote acceptence to place job on production calendar.
  4. Photos of subject(s) obtained (email common) or regular USPS.
  5. Caricature sketch worked up from customer concept and returned (email common) for approval.
  6. Customer either approves the proof leading to the final or requests revisions.
  7. Once the final caricature is approved and invoice is generated.
  8. Once payment is recieved final piece is delivered to the Customer (depending on final format selected, it is either emailed or delivered via desired means).


What are your turnaround times?back to top

Usually less than a week from the time the final draft is approved. This will of course be dependant upon the season and demand. But all of this will have been established during the first contact. The aim is to always satisfy by meeting expected due dates.


What is the cost of shipping?back to top

Shipping costs are based in part on the type of service you desire (USPS, UPS, etc.) and the mode (overnight, second day, etc.).


What is your pricing structure? back to top

The basic pricing structure can be found on our pricing page . Additional questions can be answered by contacting or by phoning (859) 509-5671.


What methods of payment do you accept? back to top

I use PayPal since most forms of payment can be easily handled by their service. In addition, cash, money orders and personal checks are welcome.


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